David is a 15-year-old Aboriginal young person who was put on the STMP by a city-based LAC. David has prior convictions for theft offences and no history of violent offending. The majority of the police contact David experienced was a result of him being at local landmarks with his friends in places where teenagers routinely gather and out on the street generally. Police cars were also routinely parked outside David’s family home, causing stress for the entire family. David reported it to be particularly stressful when officers would knock on the door to have a chat, to demand David’s whereabouts from his family and to express their disapproval of his comings and goings to family members. The ongoing stress for David’s family, not only from police presence, but also David’s behaviour, was causing serious problems for the family’s well-being.

One of David’s siblings manifested an anxiety disorder at this time and was unable to complete their HSC. David’s mother reported that the constant police presence and stigma led to their lease not being renewed. The family eventually moved out of the area, and their lawyer believes the change of address was a direct result of police harassment. His lawyer then lost contact with David and was not able to make a formal complaint to the NSW Police Force.